Continually building dollar store sale levels is one of the keys to achieving long term success with your dollar store business.  There aren’t really very many options for making this happen.  The big three are increasing the traffic coming into your store, converting a higher percentage of visitors to your store into buyers, and increasing the average amount every buyer spends when making a purchase in your store.  All three require focus to continuously build sales.  In this article we will focus on converting more store visitors into buyers while they are in your store.

#1) Carry the dollar store merchandise shoppers need to have.  The days of carrying products that are nice for shoppers to have are no longer here.  Shoppers are more frugal and they carefully consider every purchase they make.  However there are some items shoppers must purchase and this is the very dollar store merchandise you must have on display throughout your store.

#2) Create an environment in your dollar store that welcomes shoppers and encourages them to stay longer.  After all, the longer shoppers are in your store the more opportunity there is for them to locate that perfect item they might have overlooked if they were in a hurry.  It’s those little extras that encourage first time shoppers and others who are not planning to make a purchase to do just that.  Watch as your dollar store sales grow just because you invested the time and effort to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

#3) Make sure you carry those special items that you simply never find in a dollar store business.  One of the really exciting things about today’s economy is there are some outstanding buying opportunities for store owners who are on the lookout for them.  Look not only to your regular suppliers but also to liquidation and closeout companies for unbelievable merchandise.  Watch existing and new shoppers as they discover items that simply cannot be called dollar store merchandise in your store.  And the beauty of this is they are happy, your dollar store sale levels grow and you can make a profit even on these items.

#4) Build your dollar store sale levels by celebrating events.  From your grand opening to changes of the seasons to special holidays, be sure to add some decorations to your dollar store business.  Don’t forget to add dollar store merchandise for every event you celebrate.  Shoppers who hadn’t planned to make a purchase will have still one more option sitting before them; and many will not only be tempted, but will actually make the purchase.

To your dollar store success!

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