Many who have a dollar store business are sensing the lessening of profits as costs for replacement of dollar store merchandise keep on growing.  It’s not only the merchandise, but it seems like every time you examine freight shipping prices, another upward adjustment has occurred.  Maybe it’s time to get creative.  Maybe the time has come to examine liquidation and closeout companies as an alternative for obtaining the items you need to offer in your store.  Here are 3 excellent ways to use closeout suppliers.

1. Liquidation and closeout companies are an outstanding source for the latest, shelf-pull or overstock merchandise.  In the economic period that we are facing retailers are keen to lessen their inventory.  Consequently, liquidation and closeout companies purchase and then resell their products for lower costs.  One of the best moves right now is to spend time to search for suppliers who provide dollarstore products occasionally.  Be aware that these items often quickly run out. If you spot the correct deal for your dollar store business then do not waste time – make your purchase.

2. Another approach when you have a dollarstore is to spend pennies on the dollar for shelf-pull or overstock merchandise which typically sells for over a dollar, and rarely if ever sells in a dollar store.  This approach will aid to stock your dollar store business with excellent products which are not usually obtainable in dollar stores.  It is only a matter of searching for items that will be appealing to your regular shoppers.  The cost savings are astounding.  You will gain revenue and the consumers will be surprised by the items that they will find.

3. Avail yourself of seasonal goods off-season for outstanding savings.  If storage space is available, go to liquidation and closeout companies for their seasonal goods 6 months prior to the season.  For instance, shop for Easter goods during summer and fall and get Christmas and Thanksgiving dollar store merchandise during spring and summer.  You will find incredible costing on products you regularly will not be able to offer in your dollarstore.  Your sales will mount with these higher-ticket items.

When you have a dollar store business using liquidation and closeout companies as a merchandise resource should be started slowly.  Do not jump into anything without knowing what you are doing.  Begin carefully and learn as you go.  As you gain confidence and knowledge you’ll find there are many great deals where you can pay only pennies for the merchandise.  Your shoppers will be excited about the good finds they discover in your store.  At the same time you have greater savings because you acquired the dollar store merchandise for great prices.

To your dollar store success!

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Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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