During the course of a business day for any given company, there could be hundreds of telephone conversations take place: using traditional PBX telephony services this can mean a considerable amount of expense from your operating budget. However, as many small businesses are discovering, there is a better way to support their vital communication needs by using the VoIP services provided by Tpad. With support plans tailored to the requirements of the company, a small business owner can realize significant cost savings without sacrificing reliable performance.

Providing the top level of support required to deliver cutting edge telephony services can only be accomplished by a team of professionals who monitor the system around the clock. Growing companies need immediate access to information and timely responses to queries about their communications system, particularly during the period of migration from PBX to Business VoIP.

Tpad Business Class Telephone Solutions

Tpad has over 10 years of experience as a global telephony service provider: our success is the result of the commitment of our expertly trained and seasoned Technical and Customer Care Team headquartered in the United Kingdom. The current financial tension in the marketplace has placed new emphasis on the importance of not only reducing costs, but also having the communication tools a company needs to remain competitive in the market place, with the flexibility to adjust to fluctuating conditions.

Tpad provides companies with a diverse array of communication tools and resources that are designed to support customer relations management. Tpad’s Sales Director, Simon Jones recently stated: “We recognize that companies only exist because of their customers: our primary motivation for every service we provide is to ensure that every company has the ability to provide customer care that exceeds their expectations.”

Flexibility to adjust to changing conditions is one of the key to business growth. The technology behind Business VoIP is straightforward and easy to implement and utilize without loss of productivity. Companies can make the transition confidently: the system for international or local clients include all of the traditional call features such as call forwarding, contact book, hunt groups and voicemail plus the ability to use IP (Linksys, Snom, Grandstream, and Aastra) or analogue phones, call blocking and voicemail or fax to email.

Tpad’s scalable service packages provide freedom for companies from otherwise more expensive, outdated communication platforms allowing them to utilize financial resources more efficiently. As your company grows, so will your communication requirements and Tpad is capable to deliver the reliable service you need to meet future customer demands. For external, intra-and inter-office communications VoIP technology services from Tpad bring increased gains to your financial bottom line. To review how your company can profit by using Tpad’s communication solution, telephone our client management support team at: +44 (0) 845 122 1746 or complete our customer enquiry form online at: http://www.tpad.com/business/ for a free telephone quote and expert advice.

About Tpad (http://www.tpad.com):
Tpad, the world’s most flexible communications company, offers next-generation telephone systems for consumers and businesses. Tpad’s new telephone systems make it easier and cheaper for people and businesses to stay in touch using any device, on any network, anytime, anywhere. The ever-expanding global IP telephony company is based in the UK and has offices in the UAE.

Global ITSP VoIP ProviderTpad specialise in free and low cost calls anywhere in the World. Tpad offer a free SIP Number and voicemail when you create an account. Make International calls at local rate prices in over 40 countries. You can also make free WiFi mobile to mobile calls using Fring. Business customers can also benefit from Tpads custom made managed or hosted IP PBX solutions.

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