There are thousands of tips on becoming a successful business leader but you can’t take tips from being successful from someone who isn’t. You have to make sure you’re getting your advice from a credible source, someone who is successful themselves, someone like Anthony Moya Santa Fe. Anthony Moya is a successful business man who obtains many victorious attributes.

Successful people are organized planners. Yes, there are occasional successful people who are the “fly by the seat of your pants” type of people, but that’s un-common. You want to be prepared for what each day is to bring you.
Set goals. You need to set goals to obtain them. Setting goals will ultimately motivate you to achieve them, this is a practice well used by Anthony Moya Santa Fe. Set short and long term goals, it will help you to realize where you stand with what you hope to accomplish.
Be a decisive decision maker. You may have problems making one firm decision and then sticking to it after you realize that decision may have potential consequences. Let’s face it; every single decision you make has some consequence or another, it’s how you handle yourself in the face of those consequences that truly matters. If you take responsibility for the choices you have made, you’re better apt to make the right one the next time. This method can be shown through Anthony Moya Santa Fe’s decision making processes.
Practice persistence. You’ve probably learned from now that everything that you attempt will not always end up turning out perfect, or even good for that matter. You’ll want to learn from these mistakes and continue to try harder or implement new, different ways of doing something. If you give up on all the things you consider to be meaningless in your life, you’ll eventually end up giving up on the things that truly matter to you.
Maintaining a positive attitude. You’ve heard it a thousand times, a negative attitude can only bring you down further, but it’s true.  Having a positive outlook on the future will allow you to view your life in a more optimistic light and will only encourage you to make better things continuously happen. Anthony Moya is a prime example of having a positive attitude. Trough his troubles and tribulations he has kept an optimistic, encouraging and somewhat inspiring attitude.
Ted Helker
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