When you set out to build a business you usually are driven by the desire to make more money than what you are making right now, because like everybody else you want to grow financially and reach that state of mind where your never have to worry about money, something the average day job might not do for you.

Now, I bet that pretty much like me, you cannot afford to risk thousands of dollars in a business venture just “to see what happens”. Therefore, the best way to approach the dream of having your own business and creating a meaningful stream of income is to build a small business.

However, when I say small I do not mean a $40,000 business or even a $1,000, I mean a really small business that will be built not upon money but upon brain power, time and dedication.

You might think it is impossible to create a real business with the potential to make you a lot of money without investing a lot of it, but think again, because it is not only possible, it is a lot easier than any other of the traditional business models you might thought of in the past.

I am sure you are wondering what kind of business is small enough to start running with almost zero money and yet offer enough earning potential to make a living out of it?

The answer is quite simple: an Online Business.

When confronted with the possibility of doing business online, people usually falls into one of two categories:

1.- The ones that have not tried it; and

2.- The ones that have tried it and have failed.

The ones that have not tried it are usually skeptical because they really do not have the slightest understanding of how you can generate revenue with a website, an e-store or through the use of a trading tool.

The sort of fear of the unknown experienced by the ones that have never done business online, is similar to the fear anyone will feel before starting any kind of business: you just do not know how if you will make it or not, and if you are risking a lot of money that fear will multiply by the hundreds.

The ones that have tried it and have not managed to achieve any substantial success, or no success at all, are usually more skeptical and have a great invisible wall between them and all the opportunities that can be seized by doing business online.

The fear experienced by the ones that have tried it and have not gotten anywhere, is usually stronger and will likely keep them from trying new things. It is kind of what happens to people that have been cheated on too many times, they simply lose their faith.

The problem here is that when you allow yourself to get there, you are not losing faith in other people, you are losing faith in you.

Therefore, what you must overcome in order to start building a really small but profitable business, one that you can create online with nearly zero money and some of your time and dedication, is to lose the fear of failing, because believe me, there is no path to success that has not been paved by mistakes and failures.

I am not inviting you to be naive, because that will get you nowhere either, what I am asking you is to be curious and to fiercely pursue your goals, because one thing I have learned over the years is that the best way to learn is to try, and if one thing does not work, try again, and then again. Always ask yourself: If others can do it, why not me?

Never make the decision to quit, or what is worse, the decision not to try something because somebody else tells you to, because believe me, only you can determine whether you can succeed at something or not.

Always take into consideration that building a small business online involves risking little to no money, and some of your time and dedication, nothing more, so this is the perfect testing ground for your entrepreneurial soul.

Therefore, make informed decisions, intelligent decisions, but always try and then keep on trying, because that is the only real “secret” to successfully starting and running a small business with the potential to become your main source of income.

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