By Jimmy D. Brown of “Affiliatenaire”


Let’s face it, there are 50 gazillion other people out there
doing the exact same thing you are doing – if you could remember
what it is that you are doing. 🙂

So, that’s what I want to address.  Here’s the mindset that I
want you to remember:  there are only so many customers out there.  
And each affiliate in the program is doing basically the same
thing to try to reach them.  

That’s why you are going to be different.  Got it?

Before I jump into what I consider to be the “real secret” to
earning commissions with affiliate programs, let me share with
you a basic concept that is going to be important to what you
are going to learn today.

Here is how the average affiliate approaches promoting their
affiliate link…

A)  Send out a mailing.  Purchase ezine ads.  Get a few
pay-per-click keywords.  Post a few links.  Make a small
profit.  Get discouraged.  Move on to the next affiliate

Or, if they are slightly more aggressive…

B) Send out a mailing.  Purchase ezine ads.  Get a few
pay-per-click keywords.  Post a few links.  Write a few articles.  
Create an eBook.  Do a joint venture.  Swap ads.  And they
continue promoting that same affiliate program until they
(along with a few other aggressive affiliates) have found
every potential customer on the face of the earth.  Make
a decent profit.  Where do I go now?  Move on to the next
affiliate program.

While I certainly agree that the “slightly more aggressive”
affiliate is on the right trail with their approach, it still
leaves a common problem that all affiliates have…

Finding NEW customers.

You make an affiliate sale.  Great.  You make another one.  
Great.  You keep working and working and working to make
another sale and another sale and another sale.  Now, remember,
there are a gazillion others out there trying to do the same
thing.  And, even if all of these other affiliates only make
one or two sales each…

..that’s a LOT of customers that you WON’T be selling to!

For example:  If there are 10,000 affiliates promoting
Product A and they all, on average, sell just 2 copies
each, that’s 20,000 customers that are immediately
unavailable for you to sell to.

Doesn’t matter how hard you promote and how much you do, you
WILL NOT sell them a second copy of something they have
already bought.  Even if they love it.   They won’t buy
another copy.

So, here’s the “real secret.”  While everyone is promoting
the heck out of all of the same programs you are, you need
to refine who it is that you are promoting.

***Bottom line:  Start FOCUSING on those affiliate programs
that offer MONTHLY commissions.

Here’s why.  Let’s say you promote an absolutely awesome
product by Mr. Guru that sells for $29.97.  And Mr. Guru gives
you 50% commission.  By the time all of the processing fees
are out of the way, you earn about $14.00 for a new customer.

And you’re done with that customer — it’s time to move on
and find the next guy.

HOWEVER, if you promote an affiliate program that pays
MONTHLY, let’s say a membership site, then here’s what you
would find happens…

The membership site is $27.00 PER MONTH.  You earn $13.50 per
MONTH for every referral you make for as LONG AS THEY REMAIN

With the $29.97 product, you earn $14.00 for all of your efforts
in finding a customer.  One time commission.  That’s it.  Time
to find another customer.  With the MONTHLY service, you earn
about the same commission for that same customer.  Then, next
month you earn that commission over again!  Month after that,
you’re still earning that same commission from that same customer.
For each and every month that the customer continues to use
the service you continue to bring in the commission without
finding a new customer.

Do you see the potential here?

It makes much more sense to focus on promoting affiliate
programs that bill monthly and pay commissions monthly.  That
way, you continue to earn profits from the…

Same customer base!

If I am going to buy ads and purchase pay-per-click keywords
and create eBooks and bust my behind to get those customers,
I’d sure rather get paid every month (without doing a bit of
extra work, mind you!) that to only earn a one-time commission.

—————-Side Bar ——————-
While this isn’t as good as MONTHLY income, choosing an
affiliate program that offers you LIFETIME customers is the
next best thing. For example:  With some programs when you
recruit a customer , they are yours for life.  If they
purchase future product releases, then YOU receive the
commission as the original referrer. It’s a good second
option, but it’s not as good as getting paid monthly!

So, what should you promote?  Your eyes have been opened.  
You’ve seen the light.  You realize that what you’ve just
read does make sense.  And you want to get paid monthly!

So, what should you promote?  While you definitely need
to check things out yourself and make that determination
on your own, let me give you a short list of TYPES of offers
that you can promote that bill monthly and award monthly
commission checks.








The important thing is for you to identify at least one
really good affiliate program that offers residual income
possibilities for you.

Once you find the right program to promote, it’s a matter
of getting as many different people to click on your link
as possible.  How would you like to have someone teach
you ONE simple way to promote your affiliate links every
week?  Read on for details…


Jimmy D. Brown is the author of “Affiliatenaire”, teaching
you how to create big-time affiliate commission checks in
only 1-3 hours each week.  Discover how you can get cash in
the bank without a website, experience or even an idea!

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