Johannesburg, usually referred to as “Jo’burg” is the largest and youngest city in South Africa. The city has taken very little time to develop itself into a highly commercial and wealthy region. Johannesburg boasts of having 74 percent of multinational headquarters and is the economic hub of the entire African continent. The second largest city in Africa has inhabitants accounting to about 3 million. The city is also home to the top four conference centres, with each hosting more than 5000 people! Explore the wonders of Johannesburg and its ravishing tourist spots through Johannesburg travel packages offered by tour operators in the city. Johannesburg is very famous for its museums. There are a whole lot of museums located around the city, including the SA National Museum of Military History, sited near the Johannesburg Zoo. There are other museums like James Hall Museum of Transport in La Rochelle, SA National Railway & Steam Museum, Bensusan Museum of Photography, Bernard Price Institute Palaeontology Museum, Barnberg Fashion Museum, Madiba Freedom Museum, Museum Africa and the most popular Apartheid Museum. A visit to the historical Apartheid Museum will surely be a powerful and vivid experience. This museum is set out through its graphical portrayal of the apartheid theory including film footage, newspaper clippings, artifacts and enlarged photos. The visitors get the feel of the apartheid era as they stroll through the museum, which measures nearly 65,000 sq.ft.

The city offers a perfect retreat for adventure lovers. Once you are in Johannesburg, you can go on an African adventure tour package, which includes canoeing, river rafting, micro light flying, game viewing, bird watching, hiking, fly-fishing and mountain biking. Apart from these adventures, you can also choose to visit jewel gardens, nature trails, flora farms, animal farms, bird parks, and take country rides, game drives as well as game walks. The city has a multitude of things in store to entertain its tourists thoroughly and offer them with exciting and enthralling experiences.

Plan your trip to the city to take a break from your hectic lifestyle and have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones by exploring the exotic city of Johannesburg. Travel through cheap flights to Johannesburg and choose any travel package that seems interesting to you. Book your plane tickets online and try to find the cheap flight ticket through travel sites. There are many airline companies that operate Johannesburg flights that connect the city to many other important cities across the world. So get set to visit Johannesburg to have superb holiday getaway and comprehensively enjoy all the special things the city has to offer and entertain all its tourists.

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