It’s hard to look anywhere these days and not see someone who hasn’t been affected by unemployment and the gloomy economy.  With some states experiencing up to a 20% unemployment rate, you often wonder if there is anyone succeeding today?  Fortunately, there is.  In fact, some businesses are not only succeeding, but thriving as well. For example, the Home Tutoring Industry and educational-based companies are experiencing record growth.  Not only is it the right time for a home tutoring business, but the right industry as well.

This is primarily due to the fact that in order for students to excel today, they need to be able to get additional help.  With school districts faced with larger class sizes, teacher layoffs, and even some schools canceling summer schools programs, students are faced with obstacles rarely seen before. In order for them to keep up and thrive, they need support and educational assistance.  That’s where tutoring from home comes into play.  Students get the help they need and most importantly at a price that parents can afford.

As the demand for tutors rises, so does the need for good home tutoring businesses.  With the opportunity to not only make a great income, but make a difference in a child’s life, more and more are starting their own home tutoring businesses.  It can be a perfect match for teachers and educators, women or men entering the workforce after staying home to care for family, or people who worked in Corporate America for many years and are looking for a change. 

By starting your own home tutoring business, you become a tutor broker.  Here you manage a network of professional teachers and educators, matching them with students in need of one-on-one in-home tutoring. In a sense you are establishing a home tutoring referral network in your community. The owner of the business, you, becomes a matchmaker, or broker, matching qualified tutors and teachers with children in need of individualized tutoring. 

There are numerous programs out there that will help you start your own business.  However, there are many things to consider before you make a final decision.  What you are looking for is a company that is cost-effective.  Now more than ever it’s important to find the right company that not only offers the best advice, but has everything you need to get started.  Therefore, whenever possible look for a company that can provide more than just a book and information.  There are some companies out today, such as Home Tutoring Business, that provide not only the how to’s to starting a home tutoring business, but individualized coaching, website design and optimization, marketing and advertising copy tailored to your new company, specialized accounting software unique to the tutoring industry, etc.

Steer clear of franchises.  To be successful you don’t want to have to pay royalties and be at the beck and call of the franchise.  As you’ve seen recently with the auto industry, when you are part of a franchise, they still make the decisions for you.  You want a business that allows you total control and earning potential.

Finally, find a company that will stay in touch with you even after you purchase their information.  Starting a business can be challenging and if you can find a company that will frequently stay connected via newsletters, cards, additional coaching, etc., you will benefit greatly.

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Laurie Hurley based in Newbury Park, CA is the President and Founder of Home Tutoring Business, She has helped more than 100 people establish lucrative tutor referral services in their community. Laurie has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Woman’s World, Redbook Magazine, etc. Laurie also owns her own in-home tutoring company and has seen an unprecedented growth in business since the economic downturn. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

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