Self Confidence Through Hypnosis


Having a Magnetic Personality

This is what is known as having a “magnetic personality.” You can probably remember a time in your life when you had the fortunate experience of meeting someone with a unique and interesting charisma, a “magnetic personality” that is naturally attractive to others.

You can develop that same charisma and charm for yourself! Now is the time to supercharge your self confidence, overcome your negative self talk, and tap into that sensual, passionate side of you that has a zest for life. What would it be like to “get out of your head” and instantly connect with everyone around you at a very deep level.

Our Subconscious Beliefs Create Our Reality

Imagine finding yourself motivated toward your goals because you found them exciting… because you truly believe that you deserve success. OUR SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS CREATE OUR REALITY We are what the programming in our subconscious mind perceives us to be.

If there is a belief there that you are “shy”, then you will automatically manifest behaviors in your life that are congruent with that belief. If a person has a belief that they don’t deserve success, then they lack the motivation to pursue their goals successfully.

You are manifesting your reality right now by acting out your own subconscious beliefs! The seeds for much of our “negative” programming were planted in our minds at a very young age. Your subconscious mind is very powerful…it works twenty four hours a day turning your inner beliefs into a reality…good or bad!

This CD includes

– The newest techniques in hypnosis performance, combining up-to-date hypnosis inductions and the latest in NLP.
– Digitally mastered sound.
– Inducing music and trance deepening sounds intertwined with hypnosis.
– A pre-talk that explains what hypnosis is, how hypnosis works and the common unknown facts of hypnosis.
– A running time of 45-55 minutes in length.
– A complete and full hypnosis session.

Using the Power of Hypnosis

Well there is only one thing stopping you and that is YOU, or at least your sub conscious mind. Your sub conscious is filling you full of self-doubt. Now is the time to turn that doubt into belief using the power of hypnosis. The product we are offering is a complete hypnosis session on CD ROM. Many people have discovered this a great help in over coming a lack of confidence. Try it now!


Do you want to reprogram your subconscious mind for unstoppable confidence? Do you want a magnetic personality that others find irresistibly attractive? What would it be like to overcome the hesitation and self talk that keeps you from realizing your full potential?

Everyone can benefit from increased levels of self confidence and self esteem. In fact, wouldn’t life be interesting if you were so confident, so self-assured, and so completely happy with yourself that other people are naturally drawn to you as a person.


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