Poly tanks are made from polyethylene food grade plastic while steel tanks are either Galvanized i.e. when it is coated with zinc, Zincalume which is combination of aluminium, zinc and silicone and there is a variant of Zincalume called Colorbond. Both Poly water tanks and steel tanks come in various sizes and have multiple uses. What is the basic difference between the two? Let’s find out.

• Poly water tanks are extremely light weight and mobile. They are lighter than steel water tanks. This makes Poly water tanks more movable than steel tanks. Steel tanks are heavy as you can imagine and you need a crane to move them.

• Even though both poly water tanks and steel water tanks come in various sizes the choice and capacities there are many more options in poly water tanks.

• Steel tanks can store more than 50,000 litres of water but Poly water tanks reaches its limit at 50,000 litres. So if you have massive requirements you need to opt for a steel tank or two poly water tanks that will take up more space.

• Poly water tanks are UV stabilised and will not rust or corrode. Steel tanks even though galvanised can corrode but is strong and the UV rays of the sun doesn’t affect it as much.

• Steel tanks are not as easy to install as Poly Water tanks. Delivery charges for poly water tanks will be lesser than steel tanks.

• Steel tanks are stronger in terms of fires and torrential fires. Poly water tanks will melt in the case of a fire while steel will have more hold.

Poly water tanks can be placed on sand or pavement which is fairly simple. While steel tanks rings and a rock base to keep them away from water.

• A rough estimate of the lifespan of steel and poly water tanks is 10 to 15 years.
Now that you have all the information we hope it’s become easier to make a decision. It is after all a big investment. If you need any further help and assistance let Master Tanks help you out www.mastertanks.com.au

David Smith has worked in the home renovation business for the past 8 years and also takes time out to write articles about various topics related to his field of expertise.

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