Mainland official launch of LED lamps 2009, “10 City 10 000” program, but ended up only heard the last, lower than expected number of installations, LED industry said that while the government supports LED street light policy, but the situation caused by bad quality again and again, impact on the industry for LED lamps into the market cooling, but also the industry that is now awaiting the official wielding the subsidy policy is expected in Q2 LED lights are expected to recover, the first quarter to reach the peak of 3,4.

    Formosa Epitaxy photoelectric special assistant Jane Yu, chairman of the United States said that as the LED lamps came after installation, the brightness varies gradually, the light fades fast and so on, can not achieve the desired result of quality standards, industry to blame, even if the government supports carbon reduction policies, However, the impact of the industry for LED street lamps have been installed on a lack of confidence.

    Chien Yu said the United States, although the mainland Chinese officials to promote the LED lights, but to achieve the investment objective, LED die most of the mainland domestic LED industry-based, light plants also need to set up factories in local, recently introduced reduced investment program, with 10 years installments, from electricity to save part of the payments, the Government can not directly pay for, but this way, participation in the construction industry, LED lamps must be large enough amount of capital, otherwise can not afford.

    As the LED lamps must withstand the test of changes in outdoor weather conditions, leading to the recent policy of subsidies to the direction of the mainland, starting from the original outdoor lighting focusing on the interior lighting. Yu Chien, believes that it is estimated that the global LED street lamp outdoor market could reach 1.4 billion, but the interior lighting in the absolute size of the market more than the outdoor market, the current shift for the local industry will benefit China, Formosa Epitaxy is expected to invest in Jiangsu subsidiary of Can Yang is also expected to benefit.

    Therefore, in addition to LCD TV (LCDTV) backlighting applications such as large-size market, the interior lighting will be LED application market in 2010 China’s new focus, Formosa Epitaxy is expected in 2010, accounting for lighting applications revenue from 2009 growth of 2% to 40%. Toshiba of Japan recently announced that lighting manufacturers to enter the mainland market, LED interior lighting, express 2 5.5W of LED bulbs, Toshiba believes that although most of the current LED lighting for commercial or public utilities, but with lower prices and improve consumer awareness of environmental protection , LED lighting into the home will be just around the corner.

    Delta Solid State Lighting Business Unit Director, said Jiang Wenxing, LED street lamp market more slowly than expected, mainly due to waiting for the mainland market, street standards and subsidies policies baked. It is reported that a number of LED lighting related to the Chinese national standards and industry standards, has completed the approval process, and the lamp seven national standards and two industry standard has also been released, expected in May 1, 2010 implementation.

    Jiangwen Xing pointed out that the mainland “Eleventh Five-Year” plan bound in energy saving and emission reduction target will be quantified due in 2010, and with the mainland 11 Daqing, China LED lamps installed capacity is expected to be rapid growth in the second half of 2010, is expected to that recovery from Q2, the first 3,4-quarter expected to reach the peak.

    Delta 2009, LED street lamp market in Taiwan, becoming the first two big targets in 2010 became the first 1 The current LED lamps and indoor lighting, the main production base in Dongguan, China factory, Jiang Wenxing that the future will be the production base of the nearest mainland 5 supply, in addition to factories in Dongguan, also in Tianjin, Wujiang, Wuhu, Chenzhou.

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