In my over 30 years of study in achievement and working with top corporate leaders and entrepreneurs at every level, I have come to learn that all leaders have one thing in common: they are looking for that “Next-Level” for their organizations and for themselves. In order to get to that next level, they must accomplish new goals, develop new skills, acquire new confidence, and reach for new levels of awareness.


This is often easier said than done. If you are not one of those people who just seem to have a knack for success – everything they touch seems to turn to gold – rest assured that achievement can be learned. I define achievement as simply doing the right things consistently over a sustained period of time. So once you know what those “right things” are, your journey to achievement comes down to choosing to do those things consistently. It’s all about choice.


Every day you start with a clean slate. It is up to you how to utilize the hours in your day, whether you choose activities and attitudes that are productive and support your goals or you choose activities and attitudes that monopolize your time and do nothing for your overall achievement. In order to help propel you to practice achievement-supporting activities and attitudes each and every day, I’ve outlined a few achievement mantras.



#1 – I am not a victim of my circumstances.


You are responsible for your results and the choices that you make for your life. Some believe that if circumstances were perfect, they could achieve, and others wait for the perfect circumstances to come along. My experience with high achievers proves that they have difficult circumstances, just like everyone else, but they consistently respond with positive actions rather than negative beliefs. History is filled with stories of those who have overcome unimaginable circumstances simply by choosing to do so.


#2 – I must choose to develop a positive attitude.


The reason I say that you must develop a positive attitude is because this is not our natural instinct. Fear is a built-in survival instinct that, if left unchecked, will naturally lead to negative, unproductive attitudes. Your management of a consistent and productive, positive attitude will determine the degree of your future achievement but will also be one of the greatest challenges of your life. Don’t underestimate this important skill. Most dysfunction in business and personal achievement can be traced back to a root cause: ineffective thinking habits!


#3 – I must choose daily, effective actions to support my overall goals.


Effective actions are those predetermined activities that support the accomplishment of your goals. It’s not how much you do but the effectiveness of what you do that counts. High achievers have a unique ability to separate the common to-do items from the necessary, effective actions required to accomplish a goal. They understand that both types of actions are necessary, but they never confuse the two in planning their day. Don’t allow everyday distractions and obligations to sabotage you in your path to achievement.


Keep in mind that the effective choices you make will not feel natural right away. Over time, they will become more ingrained in your daily routine as you follow an achievement system. Be constantly on guard against negative attitudes and natural fear responses to your circumstances. You will encounter difficult situations, but you have the choice to consistently do the right things despite your natural tendencies.


Achievement is a choice – CHOOSE to achieve!

Inspiring genuine growth and achievement in leaders, David Byrd has 30 years of experience working with top business executives and their organizations. He is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders worldwide to maximize their leadership potential. For more information about The Next-Level Achievement System® or David’s book, Achievement – A Proven System For Next Level Growth, visit
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